Selling in 2016?

Selling in 2016?


The “ball” has dropped, the noisemakers are silent and the confetti is cleaned up. Now, it’s up to us to take the wraps off of this New Year. If you are planning on selling a house in 2016, what can you expect?

  • Will mortgage interest rates go up? (Probably.)
  • Are home prices increasing? (Perhaps, modestly.)
  • Will my home sell quickly? (ahhhh, I knew we’d get to this one.)

Everyone wants his or her house to sell quickly. Over the course of my 11+ years as a Real Estate agent, I’ve found the conditions that lead to a speedy transaction remain largely the same, regardless of economic conditions.

This article  highlights three of the key points that I share with my sellers who are hoping to cross the finish line quickly. The bottom line? Your home must be properly priced, artfully staged and relentlessly marketed. I can help with all three.

Have a great 2016!